Birthday Coming Up? Here's a Key Community Insight You Don't Want to Miss.

This is the start of our new behind the scenes video series for MITYO. We will be bringing on a series of guest creators, artisans, and partner content in the next few weeks and the next few months.

Check us out on find me on Linkedin and stop over to MITYO to learn more

Giving everyone a bonus post today for my birthday!


As you get older they always teach you that it’s better to give than it is to receive so here’s my gift to all of you! Thank you


[Video Captions]:“Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by MITYO, and happy birthday to me! I'm Josh Krouse and today I've decided that for my birthday I want to rededicate MITYO to creating quality video content. So today whether you're one of our MITYO product partners a member of our MITYO Artist Collective, or one of our MITYO customers. We want to open a new direct dialogue with you. Thank you for being apart of our MITYO base, we're always looking to expand! You may have see some of our recent partner content. Whether it was the Unboxing video by Mike Wehar or the Inventing Entrepreneurs podcast interview with Tom Mason and myself. Now we want to take our conversations directly to you. Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks and the next couple of months as we expand our video series and give you a behind the scenes look at our processes and what goes into making our products at MITYO. Thank you guys for checking us out! We hope to talk to you soon, thank you!”


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