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Designing Models of Success: McDonald’s

Today we're publishing our second blog from Mitch Noble in his blogging series on the exploration of cultural cross-currents and relevant zeitgeist that go into branding and design. In Mitch’s blog he notes the importance of iterative business development and building and expanding upon strong foundations. Using these findings, we can think about some of the best ways to implement MITYO’s design and printing services across companies large and small, as well as in an individual home. This includes planning for interior design inside a family home or office renovation, choosing the right design and making it a reality is what we do best at

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McDonald’s, its name and image are known to all Americans and to most people around the world. In a way, it is synonymous with America itself. It is far more than a local restaurant for a quick meal. If anything, it is a major force in the US economy that not only helps create thousands of jobs, but also contributes to the real estate market. This company is a force of nature that has been credited with the fall of the Soviet Union. McDonald’s is king for a reason and this article goes into the ways that it gained the throne. 

McDonalds Drive Thru

The success of McDonald’s can be illustrated by four specific aspects, these are the land, the kitchen, the dining area and the name. Each of these aspects is a vital component to the formula that made McDonald’s popular. Also, each component of success was not simply implemented by one person, but by different men over the course of years. Diversity of outlook can produce incredible results.

The first aspect is the land. I am not talking about the location, though McDonald’s has a knack of choosing areas that have a significant amount of traffic. When I talk about land, I mean the physical ground that the restaurant is built upon. What is not commonly known about the company is that it is a massive real estate entity. This is one of the prime ways that the company makes so much money. When choosing a new location, the company actually purchases the land where the restaurant will be built and leases it out to the franchisee. This in turn adds a double revenue stream which allows for the purchase of more land and the creation of more restaurants. This genius idea was formulated by Harry J. Sonneborn.

NYC Times Square Manhattan

The second aspect, is the kitchen. This is a main contributor because it was the original creator of fast food. A major complaint in the years prior to McDonald’s founding was the long wait time for food at drive up to restaurants. What the McDonald’s brothers did was to create a speedy new production system. This system was the most efficient way to set up the kitchen to produce mass amounts of food in a timely manner. When a customer placed an order at McDonald’s, within less than a minute your food was already in the bag and ready to go. Burgers and fries were mass produced and just like the Model T, the lack of variation led to quick production. This was a success because it revolutionized the food industry overall. It also led to the success of the other fast food chains that are so widely known today.

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If these ideas are appealing to you, read Arbeit Software's blog and watch the youtube video where they interview Josh and Tom about what starting MITYO was like. You can find the link to that here:

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Okay now back to our aspects of success!


The third aspect is the dining area in each restaurant. Normally when you think of a chain restaurant, you imagine that they all have the same décor and style with roughly the same building layouts, at McDonald’s, due to its global dispersion, this is not the case. This is not to say that McDonald’s does not have a uniform way of presenting its interior, because it certainly does. But it has evolved throughout its history to create a sitting area that makes you forget that you are inside a fast food restaurant. When you walk into any modern renovated McDonald’s, you can easily observe these subtleties. It starts with the floor, no longer is it any kind of tile that mirrors the inside of the kitchen, but it has been replaced by a style of imitation wood flooring to evoke a warmer customer response. The paint on the walls are different as well. At one time it used to be white with the signature red and gold colors which gave it a brighter look. Now when you enter, you are greeted by comforting earth tones that you might find in a well-established Italian restaurant. Even sound deadening barriers have been put up so that when you sit towards the back, you are greeted by a kind of muffled noises. Finally, seating itself has been upgraded. Before, customers were greeted with white plastic booths with minimal comfort and very plain chairs and table tops. Now, we see booths reflecting modern restaurant styling with added comfortability. High top tables have been introduced and the regular table tops are reminiscent of a granite. All of this has brought a major change to the McDonald’s of the past, it is no longer a quick in and out, and its reimagining has added class and elegance to its décor to make it a fine restaurant that serves fast food.

McDonalds Facade

The final part of what makes McDonald’s great is in the brand name that it has established. It was something that was not seen by the original founding brothers who first established the restaurant. It took an outsider named Ray Croc to really see the potential of what they had. Ray’s name was nothing special, and wouldn’t be seen as something that we associate with a major company today. But the McDonald’s name, had a wholesome family friendly power to it. Ray saw that potential and made it a name that every man, woman, and child in America knew to their core. The name is truly the most important aspect to the company’s success and it is why it will never be forgotten.

These four aspects all came together over the course of decades and by the work of many different men to create one of the world’s all-powerful companies. It is the culmination of dreams, hard work, and innovation. McDonald’s is an empire and it will continue to reign as long as it keeps up the innovation and pay attention to consumer demands and trends that helped it grow to prominence.

We hope today’s blog gives you some food for thought, no pun intended. And as you think about renovation of an existing room, or you’re planning to design a new home or office, use to add artistic and photographic flair to otherwise less inspired spaces.

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