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This is a week off schedule, so maybe we should just call it a mulligan eh?

Today we have the pleasure of introducing Takado Lau

Stop by Her MITYO page below to check out her impressive artwork and unique style. Let it show you that your preconceived notions have been destroyed. 

Takado Lau

She has been our MITYO Artist Collective Feature Artist for the last week, and we had the pleasure of introducing her artwork to the world via our MITYO social media pages. 

Check out her self description here: 


"A young artist from Sardinia Italy. Graduated from Artistic high school. After my years of study I discover my style with my characters, that give outlet to my feelings. I draw predominantly with ink, watercolor and marker pens; but also with interest in digital art."

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Check out our instagram: for Takado's work from last week 

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