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So you like magnets? And interior design?!

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We may have something right up your alley. Imagine you decide to hang art decor on the wall, and god forbid, you mount it to sticky adhesive and whoops it’s crooked. You can’t do much after that, remove the adhesive, and hope it sticks again (hint it probably won’t) and realign.


We feel your pain, which is why, we’ve invented a magnetic mounting process for our printed art and photography reproductions and user uploaded art and signage. This Magnetic Mounting Process is made with proprietary American Made Steel, and Plastic components that are eco friendly and built to last.


 MITYO EZ Magnet Mounting and Install Instruction

We’ve simplified the process of taking a work of art and mounting it on your preferred wall. Using our Acrylic, ABS, and Wood substrates and materials.

But don’t take my word for it, watch the video below to get a taste of the magic behind our MITYO EZ Mount Magnets. And take a look at these 6 easy steps when you decide to mount your own MITYO work of art.

For a limited time all of our Magnet compatible print materials (Birch Wood, ABS Plastic, and Acrylic) will have Magnet Mounting included for FREE unless otherwise requested.




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