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Sunday Morning Cartoons

Arva MITYO Artist Collective Profile Bio Picture

Sunday morning cartoons! That's what many of us think of when we watch anime, or look at anime or manga artwork. But is it really a fair relationship? Anime has much greater depth and can be taken in many different directions, as well as genress relative to style, detail, origin and more. Arva is the first anime artist in our MITYO Artist Collective and we're featuring him this week! 

Take a look at Arva's bio and check out his collection to learn more:

"I'm a young artist with big plans to become a legend in the manga industry. In the meantime, please support my art and help me grow as a person and an artist. Thanks and Enjoy!"

Arva's collection is available for purchase here:

Stay tuned throughout the week to see Arva's artwork featured on our MITYO instagram page! 

As always feel free to drop us any comments or suggestions and let us know what you'd like to see more of from us at MITYO.

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