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Office Decor Interior Design Ideas:  Welcoming Colors   Whether you meet with clients every day or you just want your employees to be positive, welcoming colors are key to any work environment. This means staying away from bland depressing colors like beige and grey. This has the same effect as seasonal depression on people. White is a good color because of its neutral aspects and can be bright and inviting in the correct lighting. Try to stay away from colors that have a connection with fierce emotions such as crimson, if anything move towards a dark maroon for a type...

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Holidays everyone!

Be sure to explore our four main creative design products, all customizable with your photos and designs: Acrylic Panels, ABS Plastic Boards, Canvas Blocks, and Wood Grain Plaques. I’ve included product links here for ease of access. Please be sure to stay tuned in as we release a series of blogs found here to keep you abreast on the latest interior design ideas in home and office decor.

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