Top 3 Moments in Business in 2018

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Top 3 Moments in Business in 2018

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Holidays everyone!


As we approach the new year I wanted to reach out to every one of you and say how grateful I feel. 2018 was an incredible, difficult and exciting year for me personally and an even more exciting year for my business. In May of this year I officially transformed my sole proprietorship MITYO into an LLC. Since then we have been making huge strides in product development and strategic partnerships as evidenced by 

In October of this year Tom Mason officially began as a full time Partner At MITYO and came on as my CIO and Head of R&D. Having met as roommates our freshman year of college and building not only a rapport but a friendship over the last 7 years this is something that seemed inevitable. Low and behold what we have now is an even greater synergistic partnership. Ideas are shared freely and no question is off limits. We believe that innovation is bred through malleability and experience. And having Tom as a part of MITYO for these last 3 months has been incredibly important for our company. In a very short time span we have created a handful of new products that bring joy to our customers lives. This can be attributed to our exemplification of experiences that focus on our community’s individuality and diverse culture as a catalyst for the creative engine that drives us forward.

Our goal is to create experiences that exist within a cross section of society and tell a story about how we are encouraging conversations about what’s important to our friends, community families and our planet. Thank you everyone for your support as a customer, friend, colleague, Linkedin connection, partner, family member, or member of my community, your incredible support inspires me to continue to improve and develop important new MITYO experiences for you every single day.

MITYO Design

Now we joyfully look forward to 2019 where will see its brand new user experiences begin to roll out in Q1. Innovative new product features will be released imminently. If you blinked you may have missed our stealth launch of custom canvas picture framing products in the past few weeks as a part of a new relationship we have with an industry partner.

Be sure to explore our four main creative design products, all customizable with your photos and designs: Acrylic Panels, ABS Plastic Boards, Canvas Blocks, and Wood Grain Plaques. I’ve included product links here for ease of access. Please be sure to stay tuned in as we release a series of blogs found here to keep you abreast on the latest interior design ideas in home and office decor.


Happy Holidays!


Thanks for stopping by,

Josh Krouse

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