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Top 5 Ways To Furnish A New Office Space

Office Decor Interior Design Ideas: 

  1. Welcoming Colors

 Office Colors and Design

Whether you meet with clients every day or you just want your employees to be positive, welcoming colors are key to any work environment. This means staying away from bland depressing colors like beige and grey. This has the same effect as seasonal depression on people. White is a good color because of its neutral aspects and can be bright and inviting in the correct lighting. Try to stay away from colors that have a connection with fierce emotions such as crimson, if anything move towards a dark maroon for a type of study area. Yellow is a high recommendation to use because of its brightness and cheerful effect. One of the best colors to use is any type of blue. It is a calming color and it helps to enhance focus and adds a welcoming feeling depending on the shade. Always think three layers deep when it comes to choosing colors, because they could just make or break your employee’s performance.

Create a gorgeous ABS Sheet Print to compliment your office color aesthetics. 

  1. Warm Lighting                  

Lighting Office Ideas

We have seen time and time again the harsh overhead lighting that offices have. Any place that you walk into has these bright fluorescent bulbs that wear you down on a day to day basis. But when did people become constrained to having this in your everyday life. It is not the same when you come home, those lights do not exist in that space. The reason why is because a home is a welcoming place, so why can’t a business be the same? One thing to recommend is different bulbs. Instead of the fluorescent lights, you make a move towards the gold type of glow that you see in homes. It is supposed to be an inviting look. Next, think about attaining more lamps. If you work past dark like a lot of us do, think of shutting down the overheads at a certain time and everyone turning on a desk lamp. It changes the overall atmosphere which would change an employee’s perspective on the day.

Shop for and implement beautiful Acrylic Board Designs through your space to accentuate atmospheric lighting.

  1. Artwork

MITYO Art and Photography Niagara Falls and more

Probably one of the most important aspects to any new office is what you put on your walls. What kind of statement do you want to make to your employees or your clients? Do you want to be bold, smart, eccentric, innovative, or just plain functional? These are all the different aspects of art. But when it comes down to it, it is all in the eye of the beholder. Now there are different outlets for you to attain the art you want. The first is going on the high end and purchasing from a gallery. This is the epitome of art collecting for an office. It becomes the talking piece and carries prestige, but it is extremely costly if you are just starting out or even a medium sized business middle tier. The second is a new way to bring artwork into your office. This is taking images that mean something to you and putting them on a creative medium. Say that you want a picture of your whole company right in the welcome area. Well that can be done on a sheet of acrylic. Not only does it reflect who you are as a business, but it also highlights your style and creativity in utilizing innovative substrates. This is a good focus for any business that wants to expand, accentuate and improve its company culture. The last option is to select standardized pieces from free or stock image resources for some decorative wall art. Some careful shopping could have any lobby area looking like an extremely welcoming business.

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  1. Foliage

Cactus Office Decor

This aspect is normally looked over by companies young and old. Plants can really change the entire outlook of an office space. They make an impression not only on employees but also on new clients. One of the best things with plants is the massive variety you get to choose from. Whether you choose something local to your area or go the other way and choose something exotic, it still adds to your space in a beneficial way. Great locations can be the lobby or front desk, some elevated on shelves or hanging from the ceiling, and even above cubicles. Plants even have the feeling of bringing life to work, they act as a symbol which create a happier environment. Even the added oxygen to the office contributes to employee morale in the end. Also depending on your your office color scheme, they could add to the overall aesthetics of the room. Plants are versatile and never should be overlooked when deciding how to make an office better. 

Try incorporating Wood Grain Designs to bring natural substrates and create environmentally focused areas, or use them to juxtapose more traditional office themes.          

  1. Holidays

Holiday Office Decor

This last section could be considered common sense. Decorating for the holidays not only can make an office look amazing, but also it contributes to employee happiness. The majority of people are cheerful for any holiday season during the year. I don’t just mean from Halloween to Christmas, but also valentines and 4thof July in the summer. Maybe even look into other holidays if you have a multicultural workplace, definitely go the distance. Decorations are fun in general and they are a lot of fun to hang. Once again, you can really use decorations to contrast your existing color scheme to really create something striking. Always make an impression whether it is for your employees or clients. Finally, never miss an opportunity to create a good work environment that motivates people to be more productive. Décor and employee happiness normally go hand in hand.

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