Artwork by Ben Schultz


Ben Schultz

My name is Ben Schultz and I am a concept artist, illustrator, writer, and socioeconomic reform enthusiast. I believe the world is approaching a time where new realizations of autonomy and personal responsibility are primed to elevate the citizens of our world to a very bright future. In order for this future to become a reality, however, people must feel inspired to reach their highest potential. I believe the most powerful way to do this is through art and popular culture as a whole. We all consume popular culture whether we mean to or not and the values we see reinforced and the representation we feel inform the paradigm in which we live. I want to do my part to change this paradigm into a perspective of openness, reflection, awareness, and a realization of the unlimited potential we all have inside of us. My art is mostly representative of a universe I created to exemplify these ideas. This world is much like our real one, but with a spotlight on the more mysterious aspects of reality and the sophisticated psychology of humanity and the philosophies that emerge from these dynamics. Join Beastman and friends as they explore this world and uncover amazing mysteries. Meet new characters with them and discover what potential could be hiding inside of you. If you like my artwork please support me as I expand my universe into novels, television, film, games, music, and more to create a powerful influence in popular culture that inspires everyone it touches to greatness.

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