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Nick Bunda Design

For logo, branding, comprehensive digital design and more! 

Nick Bunda is a graphic designer born and raised in the city of good neighbors, Buffalo, NY. He studied in the Communication Design program at Buffalo State College, but his passion for the field has had its roots since he was a young child, bringing home finger paintings and family portraits from kindergarten which still have their place on the walls of that quaint village home.

Over the years he accumulated more passion, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, results that his clients can be proud of. In order to continue expanding his portfolio, he is offering his services at competitive rates with the foremost priority of getting every client exactly what they need.

What he offers

His strengths include extensive proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite of software, namely Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, and expertise in developing strong, unique, and appealing visual identities by means of logo design, branding, print media (posters, stationery, pamphlets, business cards, etc.), and more! To go along with this, he developed a keen understanding of quality copywriting for advertising and marketing purposes.

To work with Nick and browse his portfolio click on the link to his website Nick Bunda Design below:

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