Artwork by Mine Batiyel

Featured MITYOU Artist Winner for May 2018 Mine's MITYO MITYOU Logo Art submission for competition

May 2018 Artist of the month MITYOU winner and feature artist: Mine Batiyel 


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The Art of Living and Living for Art

The meaning of "The Art of Living and Living for Art" perhaps lies in how I define art. Art is a language and like any other language it is a vehicle of communication i.e. self-expression of ideas and most inner/deep feelings. Language is an important aspect of any culture and cultures tend by nature to limit one's freedom in one way or another. Here is where art comes in - it provides freedom of expression without any limitation or boundaries and provides ample opportunity for imagination and creativity.

My favourite mediums are ink and watercolour: I love lines and black hence ink work; I love water and colours hence watercolour.

A picture tells a thousand words – so I hope you enjoy!

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