Artwork by Spencer Devonshire



Spencer Devonshire is an alias of Buffalo NY artist Jeff Walton. While Jeff’s normal style is more dimensional and layered, the Devonshire moniker allows for him to express a different style that predominately relies on abstract or cartoonish line art, with an abundance of color. The creation of artwork as a means of therapy and decompression is the driving force behind the Devonshire work. Because of that, some of the abstraction can get a little wild, while other works are not hard to see at all.

The themes behind the work revolve around the romanticism of what we don’t know much about; the future, consciousness, dreams, extra dimensions, extraterrestrial life, etc.. Abstraction enhances these ideas as not being fully realized or proven as existing, but with the right direction, even some of the heavily abstracted pieces contain a clear image. Will that information be disclosed? Maybe, but hopefully it will inspire someone to seek the answers to the questions that inspire this work more.


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These are Custom Artworks by Spencer Devonshire