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Artists and MITYO

We're always looking for independent artists who want to expand to larger and broader audiences.  You provide your work - we provide the manufacturing and shipping for every high-quality product showcasing your art.  We'll go ahead and handle transactions, timely deliveries, and top-notch customer satisfaction while you can concentrate on doing what you do best and making your great designs, ready to be printed on our products.

It's completely free to enter into our marketplace and you'll always hold rights and ownership over your own works - no matter what.

You can look at our list of artist prints here.

If you're looking to list your artwork on MITYO, contact for details and pricing information.

To get you started: 

To list your work on MITYO please send us digital files of art (Illustrator or PSD, PNG and JPG). If it needs to be scanned digitally please let us know. Please ask us for the amount you want to be commissioned per piece (not including our processing/manufacturing). Indicate if your art is a limited run (and if so to what quantity) as well as the dimensions/size you want it to be and the material or types of materials you want your art work to be printed on.

Happy Creating! 



PS. We offer additional services not listed here, to find out more just ask :)