Custom Print (16" x 16")
Custom Print (16" x 16")
Custom Print (16" x 16")
Custom Print (16" x 16")
Custom Print (16" x 16")
Custom Print (16" x 16")

Custom Print (16" x 16")

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From Your Phone - Printed into Art!

Design your own special print with any image on a variety of high-quality materials!  We offer prints on Acrylic, Birch Wood, Canvas Fabric, Stickers/Decals and Glossy Poster Paper. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can stylize and customize your print to create the artwork you want.


  • Handmade printed item
  • Printed Materials Available for "Custom Print (16" x 16")":
  • Birch, Wood, 3/4 Inch Thick Birch Wood
  • Canvas Fabric
  • 1/4 Inch thick Polished High Grade Durable Acrylic (Glass-like Material)
  • Decal Stickers
  • Glossy Poster

Acrylic stats: 

Acrylic makes everything in your photos look better starting with the image colors which appear brilliant and sharp, much more so than what you get from a traditional framed photo.

When our artisans process custom photos and art prints they must use a more artisanal hand crafted just-in-time delivery method which ensures the perfect finish. We are able to ensure this level of quality because we work with local manufacturers and suppliers.

Birch Wood Information:

Birch Wood Prints offer a more rustic representation of your photos or original artwork by giving each piece a gorgeous white-backed layer to shine on while pressed and juxtaposed against rustic wood grain.

Canvas Fabric Qualities:

Canvas Fabric prints allow the original phots to shine as if they were being hung on display in an art gallery. Think of the material found on canvas gallery wraps, this is just like that, but more durable, instead of natural fabric we use a synthetic canvas material that has a longer life expectancy and vibrancy so that your artwork and photographs always look great.

Decal Stickers Sticky Notes:

Need a new sticker for your laptop, phone, notebook, tablet or maybe your car, then this is where you want to be, MITYO stickers look incredible and represent artwork and photos in a super pretty way. We forgot to mention that our adhesive decals are reusable so stick them peal them and share them with your friends and family. 

Poster Prints Primer:

You may have had a half a dozen of these or so in your college dorm room, or your apartment or your bedroom, maybe you need some more. Well our glossy posters are what you're looking for, order what you want and proudly pin it or use adhesive sticky tack to display it on your wall, its super simple. 



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Custom Print (16" x 16")

Printed on Acrylic, Birch Wood, Canvas Fabric, Stickers/Decals or Glossy Poster Paper. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can stylize and customize your piece to create your own professionally printed photography with gorgeous finishes.




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