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Summer Beef Grill Box
Summer Beef Grill Box

Summer Beef Grill Box

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Worried about grocery stores? Don't fret let us deliver food directly to your door with our MITYO Prime meat delivery.


Order 8 curated steaks in our Summer Beef Grill Box and with local delivery in Buffalo NY.


2 x 🥩11oz. PRIME “BONE IN”KC STRIP Steak 🥩 $13.50ea.

2 x 🥩 10oz. PRIME NY STRIP Steak 🥩 $14.50ea.

2 x 🥩 14oz. PRIME CAB RIBEYE Steak 🥩$24.50ea.

2 x 🥩 6oz. PRIME FILET MIGNON Steak 🥩 $16.50ea.


All cuts are Prime Grade

All of our animals are humanely raised and free of antibiotics and added hormones.