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We hope that you're able to join us for this internship and experience this exciting time for MITYO and be apart of something that can truly make a difference in the lives of our customers and our community.

Our (2.0) development process is something that everyone on our team is extremely dedicated to and enthused about and we hope to be able to find committed talented interns to join us as we continue building momentum to our deployment of our redesigned MITYO experience. 

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At MITYO We use a MERN stack, MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS.


Internship Start date is July 16th.


Read the blog post, examine our site and be ready to enjoy a summer in Buffalo NY. An offer of equity for continued work at MITYO could be offered if you excel in your position during the duration of your MITYO internship. There is no guarantee of equity or continuous employment at MITYO upon completion of your internship.

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This is a week off schedule, so maybe we should just call it a mulligan eh? Today we have the pleasure of introducing Takado Lau Stop by Her MITYO page below to check out her impressive artwork and unique style. Let it show you that your preconceived notions have been destroyed.  Takado Lau She has been our MITYO Artist Collective Feature Artist for the last week, and we had the pleasure of introducing her artwork to the world via our MITYO social media pages.  Check out her self description here:  ARTWORK BY TAKADO LAU "A young artist from Sardinia Italy....

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Sunday morning cartoons! That's what many of us think of when we watch anime, or look at anime or manga artwork. But is it really a fair relationship? Anime has much greater depth and can be taken in many different directions as well as genre's relative to style, detail, origin and more. Arva is the first anime artist in our MITYO Artist Collective and we're featuring him this week! 

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We currently have a great opportunity for an Intern who is interested in gaining Software Development experience. This unpaid internship is to begin in May of 2018 and extend throughout 2018. The internship requires a full-time commitment of our selected intern. Candidate(s) selected will support MITYO’s R&D and software design as well as implementation & optimization, which will provide students with a well-rounded Software Development experience to further their academic career.

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