What You Need to Know Before Calling the Creative Department

What You Need to Know Before Calling the Creative Department

Introducing the MITYO Artist Collective


            Recently we have started to feature artists and their artwork from various geographies throughout the world and in the process, we are making their work available to our community. We want to promote art and enthusiasm for art and we believe the current climate needs a little more art to brighten, connect and enrich the lives of all of us.


To artists not yet in the MITYO Artist Collective we have direct access to an abundance of printing methods ranging from traditional screen printing to grand format digital imaging. Our goal is to provide artists access to a broader audience of customers via the MITYO Artist Collective and through these services, we help them to grow their brand.


By focusing on global growth opportunities, we are able to bring our community the best artwork from internationally renowned artists. We ship all of our Artist Collective works worldwide at a modest shipping rate. Additionally, for our US fans we are happy to offer FREE shipping to all customers in the United States.


Check this space often to find profiles on our featured artists and learn more about their interests, techniques, inspirations and goals.

To see some examples of these new artwork products Visit our Art Collection Page

If you are an artist who hasn't yet joined our collective stop by here to sell your artwork Sell Your Work 

Visit mityo.com or email me at jkrouse@mityo.com to learn more

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