This is the start of our new behind the scenes video series for MITYO. We will be bringing on a series of guest creators, artisans, and partner content in the next few weeks and the next few months.

Check us out on find me on Linkedin and stop over to MITYO to learn more

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Great Interview our CEO Josh Krouse and MITYO partner Tom Mason did with the Inventing Entrepreneurs podcast company. Stop by and comment and maybe ask us about our drinks, want to know how to become an artist? Want to know how to print your photos on acrylic? Ask us anything.

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This is a week off schedule, so maybe we should just call it a mulligan eh? Today we have the pleasure of introducing Takado Lau Stop by Her MITYO page below to check out her impressive artwork and unique style. Let it show you that your preconceived notions have been destroyed.  Takado Lau She has been our MITYO Artist Collective Feature Artist for the last week, and we had the pleasure of introducing her artwork to the world via our MITYO social media pages.  Check out her self description here:  ARTWORK BY TAKADO LAU "A young artist from Sardinia Italy....

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Concept Art, arguably one of the most important genres of art in modern society is often thought of in 3 ways.


  1. Hyper creative art that is used as the basis to form more substantive designs and illustrations for deeper levels of refinement


  1. Roughly hewn together creative drafts that are a mishmash of stream of consciousness and ideation from a technical artistic background.


  1. A blueprint for the final product we see in movies, video games, product packaging, and industrial design.

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Sunday morning cartoons! That's what many of us think of when we watch anime, or look at anime or manga artwork. But is it really a fair relationship? Anime has much greater depth and can be taken in many different directions as well as genre's relative to style, detail, origin and more. Arva is the first anime artist in our MITYO Artist Collective and we're featuring him this week! 

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